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Home Performance Inspection evaluates factors that affect the performance of air conditioning equipment and helps you to make your house more energy efficient. These factors include windows, walls, ceiling floors, air leakage, insulation as well as moisture issues and indoor air quality.
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home performance audit by LiveWell ExpertsWHAT IS A HOME PERFORMANCE INSPECTION?


As a stand-alone service or as part of an Energy Audit, a Home Performance Inspection evaluates factors that affect the performance of heating and cooling equipment such as windows, walls, ceiling floors, air leakage, insulation as well as moisture issues and indoor air quality.


The purpose of a home performance inspection is to improve the comfort, health, safety, durability and energy efficiency of your home.


Every home should have a home performance inspection. And it is particularly important for homes built before 2001 because of common construction defects in these older homes. Most homeowners aren’t aware that until 2001 there were no regulations or codes pertaining to home performance and energy efficiency. In addition most air conditioning systems were never correctly engineered for the home.




To feel comfortable in the house, you want to have even temperatures and comfortable humidity levels. To achieve this first you need to seal the areas where the air is leaking from the ducts or the attic, then you need to ensure proper insulation levels and correctly sized and designed air conditioning systems. A home performance inspection looks at all of these critical systems in your home.




Do you know that air inside the house is much dirtier than the air outside? If you notice that your allergies are worse inside your home than outside, it is likely that you have excessive dust or mold issues aggravating the symptoms. When we air seal the house we keep the dust and moisture outside the house where they belong.




One of the primary things that we look for is too much carbon monoxide in the home. If your furnace or water heater are not burning well, they release carbon monoxide and other combustion bi-products into the air you breathe. Even at very low levels, this can cause serious health issues. Combustion safety is something that everybody should check in order to ensure a safe living environment.




Moisture is the enemy of buildings. In Houston the air is extremely humid containing high moisture levels which can rot a home from inside out. Air sealing measures minimize the amount of moisture that gets inside the walls of your home making it last longer.




Last but not least, most houses can see a reduction in the energy costs between 20% and 50% or more with additional savings opportunities identified by an energy audit


What does Home Performance Inspection include?


As a stand-along service or as part of an Energy Audit, a Home Performance Inspection is a comprehensive evaluation of important areas of your home including air conditioning, heating, insulation levels, air leakage, moisture, ventilation capacity, and indoor air quality.


For the purpose of identifying air leakage we use what is home performance audita blower door that pulls air out of the house and lowers the pressure inside, drawing air from outside in, to expose areas where we can seal the house.


A home’s insulation levels work hand in hand with its air tightness. We conduct a thorough inspection of the attic and use advanced diagnostic tools like a thermal imaging camera to detect insulation voids inside the walls. This will tell us exactly where insulation is needed.


The LiveWell team will provide you a detailed performance report and recommendations on how to improve your home’s performance.


If you are buying a home, replacing an air conditioning system or having any comfort or air quality concerns, a home performance inspection will give you the right information to make important decisions about your home. 




Like going to a physician for a regular check-up, we examine your entire home as a system of different interconnected elements that all together impact the comfort, health, safety, durability and energy efficiency of your home.


Imagine if your doctor has only one solution regardless of the diagnosis? Then imagine he only gets paid if he prescribes this solution?


When you work with LiveWell experts, you get unbiased expert advice. Our recommendations apply to your unique home, based on the diagnosis, just like a good physician would do for you.



Our certified experts have in-depth knowledge of building science and can determine the hidden problems that haven’t become obvious.


When home performance contracting is done right the house feels comfortable, with less humidity, less dust, and much lower energy costs.


Our approach is rooted in energy-efficiency science and facts, with professionalism at every step, from the project estimate to the drawings, plans, supervision services, and inspections. Even if the issue is one that no one else seems able to solve, we want to be your go-to resource to provide insight on the cause and how to improve it.


Questions? Our experts have answers. Call 832-642-0167 

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