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Houston's home energy audits can save you between 20% and 50% off your energy costs. Call now for your home energy-efficiency report. How much energy your home consumes. Identifying which systems are not energy efficient.
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Have you ever wondered why your energy bills are so high when you have a new air conditioning system? Have you tried to look at how to reduce energy costs and make your house more energy efficient?


If so, you’ve come to the right place.


What is an Energy Audit?


An energy audit is a detailed evaluation of the energy usage in a particular home. The audit’s primary goal is to reduce energy consumption within the house and increase energy efficiency.


LiveWell Experts is a Houston-based company with 20 years of experience in air conditioning and building science. LiveWell Experts specialize in performing energy audits.


Our clients see reduction of energy costs between 20% and 50% which is hundreds of dollars in savings per year.


Goals of a Home Energy Audit


During a home energy examination or audit, LiveWell Experts focus on:


  • How much energy your home consumes
  • Where and how energy is being depleted within the residence
  • Identifying which systems are not energy efficient
  • Which measures you can take to make your home more comfortable, affordable and energy efficient


A home energy audit is an evaluation of a home’s energy efficiency. An energy audit helps to reduce the homeowner’s energy bills and carbon footprint. The audit findings will help you to prioritize house improvements based on energy savings and return on investment (ROI).


What to Expect from an Energy Audit?


During a typical home energy audit, LiveWell Experts will assess your residence from top to bottom, with a focus on energy efficiency. Particular activities include:


  • An evaluation of your heating and cooling equipment, lighting appliances, water heating, clothes dryer, refrigerator, dishwasher, TV, electronics, and fuel-burning appliances, such as gas stoves.


  • Energy bill analysis for the last 12 months. If you are considering an energy audit, it is important to gather your energy bills, including those for water and electricity usage, for the previous one-year period. Our energy professionals can learn a lot from energy bills.


    • An interview with you as the homeowner to gain insights into energy consumption patterns of your family.


  • Suggestions from our team for ways to modify lifestyles to reduce energy usage and, in turn, related bills.


  • Providing you with a list of energy improvements, organized in order of priority, along with cost estimates and ROI.


Your home energy audit will clearly point out sources of energy loss within your home and prioritize the energy saving remedies according to their cost-effectiveness. This custom list is crafted by our technicians using sophisticated energy modeling software. This application enables us to create accurate models of energy usage, as well as generate calculations and reports that show the return on investment of various residential improvements.


Improving your home’s energy efficiency can save you and your family money over time and help you all live a green lifestyle.


The Most Important Part of the Energy Audit Process


The core of the energy audit is the home performance inspection. It is from this inspection that LiveWell Experts collects the data to provide recommendations to achieve the benefits of improved comfort, health, safety and durability within your home, along with energy savings.


A home performance inspection addresses factors that affect the performance of heating and cooling equipment, such as windows, walls, ceilings, floors, doors, air leakage, and insulation. We perform both an interior and exterior on-site evaluation.


It is the inspection portion of the audit where the technician uses specialized tools like the blower door and thermal-imaging camera to identify potential concerns for your family. These tools also enable our technicians to calculate how heat transfers from all of these surfaces into the house.


Take the First Step Toward Energy Savings Today 832-642-0167


A home performance inspection is the best place to start making positive changes to your home on the energy front. Most customers find they get the most value in the energy audit process from the home performance inspection. See for yourself how to improve the energy efficiency of your home; it all starts when you call us today.