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We provide energy-efficient air conditioning services in Houston. We bring homes to current Energy Star standards and help save up to 50% in energy costs.
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Air Conditioning Installation

Energy-Efficient Air Conditioning Installation and Replacement in Houston, TX ac installation in Houston

We provide air conditioner replacement and air conditioner installation in Houston, TX.

Our goal is to bring older homes in Houston up to modern Energy Star and International Energy Efficiency Code standards.

While most air conditioning contractors may appear to be similar, there are certain quality standards that must be followed when replacing an air conditioning system.

Standards for air conditioning contractors are set by organizations like the Air Conditioning Contractors Association and Energy Star.  At LiveWell Experts we meet and exceed the highest industry standards and go one step further using building science and home performance knowledge to address issues beyond the capabilities of even the best Houston air conditioning contractors.


Air conditioning is only half of the story when it comes to a comfortable and healthy home. You need to look at how heat, humidity and air pollutants get into the home. This is why we always recommend an energy audit and home performance inspection as part of AC replacement process.


There are three critical steps when replacing your air conditioner: engineering, custom design, and installation.




Engineering is the first step. For residential systems this engineering is called a Manual J load calculation, a Manual D duct design, and Manual S equipment selection. Having the system designed and engineered correctly for your home is the most important factor in determining the comfort, humidity control, durability, reliability and the energy efficiency of the system. Doing load culculations correctly requires detailed measurements of every room, every window and inspections of insulation levels, and infiltration, and requires using a sophisticated software program.




The second step is gathering information from the customer in order to custom design the system to their family’s individual needs. Questions like “at what temperature you set the thermostat” are critical so we can refine the size of the system to fit how you are going to use it in your home.  If contractors are not asking a lot of questions to try to get to know you, and they are not taking a lot of measurements to understand your home, they won’t be able to put together the solutions that are tailored to your needs.




The third step is installation. Unlike a car that comes from a factory fully assembled, air conditioning systems need to be engineered and applied in countless different configurations. LiveWell installers are highly skilled professionals in their trade. And since the air conditioning industry, like any technology, is constantly evolving, we stay on top of new technologies that make your house more comfortable and energy efficient.  We constantly train and certify our installers and technicians in the new technologies. You can read more about air conditioning new technoligies here.


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20 years of air conditioning experience

And last but not the least, we guarantee in writing the expected results. We guarantee lower energy bills, or that your house have less dust, lower humidity and even temperature.


Because we, at LiveWell Experts, use building science and home performance expertise, we will either guarantee specific results or explain to you why something cannot be achieved. We offer 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.


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