LIVEWELL EXPERTS | Energy-Efficient Air Conditioning Company
We help you pick the right solution to improve comfort, safety and energy efficiency of your home.
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LiveWell Experts is a Houston-based company that specializes in air conditioning replacement & installation of highly efficient air conditioning systems. With every visit we perform a home performance inspection to determine the conditions of the home before replacing anything. Our certified team of experts has more than 20 years of air conditioning and building science experience.


We look at a home as one system of different interconnected sub systems that work together to ensure a  comfortable, healthy, safe, durable, and energy efficient living environment. Think of it like going to a physician who examines your entire body.  Unlike a one-product company we look at the overall home rather than just one aspect of it. 

Once the home performance inspection is done, we will then create the plan, engineering, and drawings for the project. For air conditioning replacement we perform Manual J load calculations and Manual D duct calculations to ensure that the systems are sized correctly for your home.

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Our goal is to bring older homes up to modern Energy Star and International Energy Efficiency Code standards.


We don’t send sales people, we send experts.