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LiveWell Experts is a Houston-based company that specializes in air conditioning replacement and installation services. With over 20 years of experience our team will guarantee improved energy-efficiency, home comfort, indoor air quality, and home safety,
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Air Conditioning in Houston When It’s Winter. What You Should Know.

20 Dec Air Conditioning in Houston When It’s Winter. What You Should Know.

Winter is here in Houston. While it doesn’t get as cold here as many other states, the temperature can get really low and, when it does so, make sure that your air conditioning system is ready to heat your house.

First of all, ensure that the air conditioning system is up to current Energy Star standards. All air conditioning systems in houses built before 2001 have construction defects and poorly engineered air conditioning systems; this means you might be paying higher energy bills then you ought to be. So, your first step is to make sure that your air conditioning in Houston complies with present-day Energy Star standards.

Then, you need to honestly answer whether the temperature in the house is comfortable for you and if you have any indoor allergies. All of that could be a sign that your AC systems are not working properly, which means that during the cold weather, when you set you thermostat to heat the house, even more pollutants may get into the living environment.

The last step will be to educate yourself on the best technologies to heat your home during a Houston winter. Of course, you can set the thermostat to a comfortable temperature or get a heater for your bedroom or study to keep you warm. The other solution would be to install a heat pump.

What is a heat pump? A heat pump is the most efficient way to heat your home using electricity. But many air conditioning contractors in Houston won’t be able to help you with that or may even discourage you from installing one in your home simply because they don’t have enough knowledge and training to install and service it correctly.

At LiveWell Experts, we can choose the right cooling and heating equipment for your home and provide you with the solutions that fit your unique needs and desires. Our Houston experts have 20 years of air conditioning experience and constantly get training in new technologies.

You can schedule a consultation with us by calling 832-642-0167 or filling out a form on our website.

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